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  • Improvements of the Egg Vending Machine as a Commercial Model (Lead: Ronaldo R. Cabauatan, PhD)
  • Healing Interventions from Local Traditions: A Program to Implement a National Standard (HILOT-PINAS) (Lead: Florence C. Navidad EDD, MSMT, RMT, RN)
  • Siquijor Island Conservation and Restoration: Toward a Regenerative Ecotourism Destination (Lead: Moises Norman Z. Garcia)
  • Capacity-Building Program on Implementation Research for PhilHealth Regional Offices and Technical Staff in PhilHealth Head Office: Local Evidence to Advance Decisions (LEAD) (Lead: Prof. Crislee M. Torio, PhD)
  • The National Catechetical Study (NCS) 2021: Pastoral Action Research and Intervention (PARI) Project Extension – Synodality Enriching Evangelization Design (SEED) Catechetical Module-Making Workshops (CMW) (Lead: Clarence M. Batan, PhD)

Our publications


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