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·      A/B Testing

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·      Affinity Diagramming

·      Artifact Analysis

·      Automated Remote Research

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·      Blockbusting

·      Bodystorming

·      Brand Experience Workshop

·      Bull’s-Eye Diagramming

·      Business Origami

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·      Civic Design and Policy

·      Cognitive Mapping

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·      Competitive Testing

·      Concept Mapping

·      Content Inventory and Audit

·      Contextual Design

·      Contextual Inquiry

·      Creative Toolkits

·      Critical Incident Technique

·      Crowdsourcing

·      Cultural Probes

·      Customer Experience Audit

·      Data Physicalization



·      Data Visualization

·      Design Charrette

·      Design Ethnography

·      Design Fiction

·      Diary Studies

·      Directed Storytelling

·      Elito Method

·      Ergonomic Analysis

·      Evaluative Research

·      Experience Prototyping

·      Experience Sampling Method

·      Exploratory Research

·      Eyetracking

·      Flexible Modeling

·      Fly on the Wall Observation

·      Generative Research

·      Graffiti Wall Research

·      Heuristic Evaluation

·      Image Boards

·      Kano Analysis

·      KJ Technique

·      Laddering

·      Love Letter and Breakup Letter

·      Parallel Prototyping

·      Parallel Observation

·      Participation Action Research



·      Participatory Method

·      Personal Inventories

·      Personas

·      Picture cards

·      Prototyping

·      Remote Moderated

·      Role-playing

·      Scenario Description Swimlanes

·      Secondary Research

·      Semantic Differential

·      Simulation Exercises

·      Site Search Analytics

·      Speed Dating

·      Stakeholder Maps

·      Stakeholder Walkthrough

·      Storyboard

·      Task Analysis

·      Thematic Networks

·      Think-Aloud Protocol

·      Triading

·      Usability Testing

·      Value Opportunity Analysis

·      Web Analystics

·      Weighted Matrix

·      Wizard of Oz

·      Word Clouds

Research Utilization Unit (RUU)

Declaration of Policy

The Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas as an institution is committed in the service of the nation. It asserts her public presence of preeminent influence in the global community by taking a proactive stance in social, cultural, and moral advocacies and by assuming a lead role in national and international policy formulation.

In pursuit of truth, guided by reason and illumined by faith, the University dedicates herself to the generation, advancement, formation, and transmission of knowledge to form competent and compassionate policies that are committed to the service of the nation and the global community.

Toward this end, the University will pursue an intensive campaign that will support and promote ethical and evidence-based research, advocacies, and policies that celebrate and protect life, freedom, justice, and solidarity in the service of the family, the local and global communities, and the environment. It will initiate and support policy initiatives that will extend compassion to the poor and the marginalized to raise their quality of life regardless of race, religion, age, and gender.

Pillars of RUU

Pillar 1: An uncompromising adherence to the belief that the primal obligation of the State is the preservation of life and dignity (buhay at dangal) of the human person and that the State’s monopoly of the use of force must be done as the last resort and not as the default response. The State’s exclusive access to the potential use of violence must be embodied with restraint and in the light of corrective measures and dialogue rather than punishment.

Pillar 2: A complete appreciation that the fullness of life in society can only be achieved when there is an absolute appreciation of the sacredness (sanctity) and the inviolability of human rights (karapatang pantao).

Pillar 3: To espouse the ideals of democracy (demokrasya) characterized by inclusive participation, rule of law, equality (political rights, under the law, opportunities, respect), freedom, and universal empowerment. Education takes a crucial role in a functioning democracy since only an informed citizenry can make democracy truly work.

Applying to be a Policy Auditor of RCSSED-RUU

For those who are interested to become part of the pool of experts for the RCSSED- RUU policy review, auditor-applicants shall be guided by the procedure outlined below:

1: Submission of letter of intent and CV with field of specialization (maximum of three) and loding of application documents to rcssedruu@gmail.com. Letter of intent should be addressed to:

Assoc. Prof. Jeremaiah M. Opiniano, Ph.D.


Research Center for Social Sciences and Education

    1. Evaluation of documents and clustering of experts
    2. Training and orientation
    3. Confirmation of acceptance as RCSSED-RUU policy auditor


Policy Exposition

The RUU organizes policy exposition events that bring together policy makers and researchers to dialogue about opportunities to work together toward creating research with meaningful and socially felt implications in the form of local and national policy.

Statistics Services


    • To help students and faculty in identifying appropriate statistical tools for their research, processing research data, and guiding them in writing and interpreting the results.
    • To standardize the statistical service given to students and researchers regarding statistical fees and making sense of data.


Procedures for Availing of Statistics Consultation Services





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