Information dissemination on tuberculosis (TB) still hinders the community due to inadequate resources and knowledge provided by healthcare facilities. Literature suggested that health education and awareness might help empower the community for different aspects of disease management by connecting people with the right treatment at the right time. This study aims to identify the general feasibility of information dissemination through an information education campaign (IEC) among the caregivers of children living with TB. Informal community-dwelling settlements in Metro Manila served as the study sites. Printed materials like comics and calendars were developed based on the caregiver’s judgement, knowledge and practices. These were distributed in the three informal settlements. A video was also developed based on the comics, which were shown to the caregivers and mothers of children living with tuberculosis. Thematic analysis findings reveal that a majority of caregivers were confident in using calendars as a tool to guide medication intake for their children. Knowledge of TB was enhanced through IEC materials according to the common narratives of the caregivers. Comics were preferred over the video due to their accessibility of use.

–This policy-oriented action research was published in the publication ‘Compendium of Analytical Views for the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community 2025.’ This publication was released by the ASEAN Secretariat (…/06-Compendium-of-Analytical-Views…).

by RCSSED Research Associates Prof. Jay Jazul, Maria Carinnes Alejandria and their colleagues.