The Influence of Time and Crowdfunding Donation on Covid-19: A Generalized Linear Model Approach by Tan, Jackson J.

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This study examined the effects that time and community assistance (in the form of donations) had on accrued recoveries from the novel coronavirus. This study examined donation transaction data from a community-based national virtual donation platform in conjunction with government released figures on populations and COVID-19 cases in the Philippines. Findings from a Generalized Linear Model showed that at a 0.001 level of significance, the passage of time affected accrued recoveries by about 14 (13.23) daily, while cumulative individual donations improved recoveries by about 2 (1.69) people. A series of simulations that visualized the effects of time and donations on recoveries evidenced that accrued recoveries were accelerated by donations. Results from the analysis generated a series of recommendations based on Resource-Advantage Theory, along with Disaster Management Theory as applied to supply-chains. The first recommendation was to allow broader access to the platform as an information exchange. An expansion of the crowdsourcing features on the platform was a second recommendation. A third recommendation was establishing a relief distribution network prior to the next disaster.

–published in the Journal of Computational Innovation and Analytics (Universiti Utara Malaysia),