Circular Economy – Co-authored by RCSSED Academic Researcher Dr. Arlen Ancheta and her colleagues from the Philippines and India

A newly-released book by the global publisher Springer looks at global trends on what is called the ‘Circular Economy’ – this being ‘a model of production and consumption which involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products as long as possible.’ A chapter on the Philippines is featured here. Co-authored by […]

Certificate Course on Family Literacy and Intergenerational Learning

The University of Santo Tomas Graduate School strongly promotes adult literacy and learning through research, community development initiatives, and continuing education programmes. Thus, the NGO Transformare, in collaboration with the UST Family Literacy Team under RCSSED (Dr. Gina Lontoc, Dr. Camilla Vizconde & Dr. Belinda de Castro), is pleased to invite you to apply for […]

Seeking for and returning to overseas work? Developments surrounding Filipinos’ return to overseas jobs beside a pandemic by former research center director Dr. Alvin P. Ang and RCSSED research associate Jeremaiah Opiniano

Countries and their labor markets engage in measures to move forward from the debilitating impacts of the running COVID-19 pandemic. Migrant-origin country Philippines has felt the impact of the return migrations of her migrant workers, who may now want to return to their overseas jobs or go to new destination countries. Yet migrant-destination countries continue […]