The Influence of Time and Crowdfunding Donation on Covid-19: A Generalized Linear Model Approach by Tan, Jackson J.

This study examined the effects that time and community assistance (in the form of donations) had on accrued recoveries from the novel coronavirus. This study examined donation transaction data from a community-based national virtual donation platform in conjunction with government released figures on populations and COVID-19 cases in the Philippines. Findings from a Generalized Linear […]

The Influence of ASEAN Bond Market Integration in the Philippines’ Inflationary Pressures, Credit Expansions, and its Challenges by RCSSED Research Associate Dr. Ronaldo Cabauatan and colleagues

Bond markets have grown mature in many countries; however, the quality of financial integration varies across ASEAN economies. In the case of bond markets in the ASEAN +3, they experienced fast development; however, they are still less integrated. This study attempts to examine the ramifications of the ASEAN bond market integration and past crises to […]

Compendium of Analytical Views for the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community 2025 by RCSSED Research Associates Prof. Jay Jazul, Maria Carinnes Alejandria and their colleagues

Information dissemination on tuberculosis (TB) still hinders the community due to inadequate resources and knowledge provided by healthcare facilities. Literature suggested that health education and awareness might help empower the community for different aspects of disease management by connecting people with the right treatment at the right time. This study aims to identify the general […]

Social networking and depressive symptom: Predictors of non-suicidal self-injury among adolescents by RCSSED Research Associate Dr. Ryan Cayubit and colleagues

This quantitative paper sought understand how the use of social networking sites, depressive symptoms, and NSSI (non-suicidal self-injury) are related. Conducted here was a cross-sectional predictive research involving 214 adolescents selected via purposive sampling. The result shows that these variables are significantly associated with each other. –published in Current Psychology [Web of Science Impact Factor […]